Fan Fiction

I’ve written two Fan Fiction stores that are set in the world of Pokemon, and the Harry Potter universe. They are just for my own personal enjoyment, and no infringement is intended against JK Rowling, or the Pokemon Company.

1. Pokemon Destiny, description: Joey has lived at the Unova Children’s Hospital in Castelia City all of his life. Due to his condition, he is segregated from his peers and the wider world of pokemon. His dream is to be able to leave the Hospital and train pokemon so he can complete the gym challenge. With the help of Riolu, Brendan and Lucas, Joey’s dream might just become a reality.

2. The American, description: 13 year old Bobby Steinhart is an orphan. Having recently lost his father, Bobby finds himself transplanted to the United Kingdom to live with his half brother. Everything isn’t as it seems though. When he finds out he’s a wizard, things take an interesting turn. Starting at a new school isn’t easy either. Follow Bobby as he adjusts to his new life in the wizarding world.