He is Risen

It is Easter today. Easter is the most sacred festival on the Christian calendar. Being Lutheran, we gathered in Mass today to commemorate the resurrection of Christ. As I sat in my pew today, I felt an acute sense of awe at the wonder of the event. My priest’s sermon today talked about how Mary Magdalene’s first reaction to seeing the stone rolled away, and the angel telling her Christ was gone was to run, and tell the disciples the good news.

“He is risen! Lord Jesus is alive!” I can only imagine how that is how Mary, and the Apostles must have truly felt when they saw him, Jesus alive. He had the wounds, and scars to prove it. Even doubting Thomas game to believe the truth, that Jesus was truly alive. Christ’s resurrection is the greatest victory in human history.

I’m reminded about my Pastor’s homily from last year’s Easter vigil about why the resurrection is so important. God is the alpha, and the omega. He will always win. Jesus’s death, as tragic, and violent as it was, gave way to him rising from the dead. Jesus, our God, and savior, defeated death by rising from the grave.

By defeating death, and the devil, God ensured he won out for the final time over sin. And because God wins, as baptized followers of Jesus, we win too. We have received eternal life because of Christ’s victory on the cross.

I can’t think of anything better on Eastern, knowing that as Christians, we are winners just like God. Death does not have the final say in our lives. Life does instead. Even though these frail sinful bodies we have will pass away, we will be resurrected with Christ in heaven.

I don’t know about you all, but that is a true victory worth looking forward too. While we may not always be excited as Mary was about seeing Jesus, we should see this victory for what it is, a celebration of life, and the power of the gospel to save, and renew God’s people.


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