A Short Play

Note: This is a very short play that I wrote for my creative writing class in 2014. By Michael Robert Lado

The House-Scene 1

The Kitchen is dark, and centered on stage. There is an island with a range top stove. There are two men are sitting around the island. One man, Jake has just visited his friend Paul’s new house.

Jake: This is a nice kitchen Paul. Actually man, the entire house is nice. So you really found this at a Sheriff’s sale huh?

Paul: Yes I did. Thanks Jake, I bought the house at below market price. I didn’t even have to take out a mortgage.

Jake takes a sip of water and pauses.

Jake: So dude, this is really something. Too bad you’re doing this singleness thing long term. You won’t have anyone to share this with.

Paul has a pained expression on his face from Jake’s comments. He shuffles his feet on the floor and sighs.

Paul: Yeah this kitchen will be pretty lonely with only me here.

Jake: Well I’ll still come and visit you man. Next time I’ll bring Maggie and the kids. You can see your Godson again. How does that sound?

Paul smiles broadly and nods as he sips his drink.

Paul: I’d really like that Jake. We don’t see enough of each other as things are; ever since you got married it’s been different.

Jake: Yeah I know, marriage does that to people like me unfortunately. I have a whole new set of responsibilities to worry about. My days of partying are over. Considering I already have two mouths to feed and one more on the way! But I’m thinking we can fit more guy time in together. How does that sound?

Paul: Yeah Jake, I’d really like that. I miss you a lot of times.

Jake laughs and wraps an arm around Paul.
Jake: Well I miss you too bud!

Paul: I just think we should see more of each other. I don’t mind if you bring Maggie either.

Jake: Yeah I agree, I think we should try to do this. I know that you get lonely when you’re by yourself. So I think we should make plans to do this again sometime.

Paul: I just like being around you guys.

Jake: I know, we’ve been close for years.

Jake releases his arm and takes another sip of his water.

Paul: You know I think I am going to do some work on the house. It is in okay shape but it could use some changes.

Jake: Oh I agree, that’s probably something I can help you with too. That bathroom up stairs is kind of old; I would agree there needs to be some changes around here.

Paul: I am aware ha. I also think some changes to the guest bedroom down here are warranted. Not any kind of remodeling but they bed is creaky. I slept on it last night and had allergies. I think a good cleaning and a new bed is in order.

Jake: Oh that is something Maggie can probably help you with. We are searching for a new bed at the moment too. Right now we’re still sleeping on the double I bought when I was first out of college. It needs to be replaced as well.

Paul seems to consider this as he thinks for several moments.

Paul: She is an interior designer right?

Jake: Yeah she is! So she would be perfect to plan with whole mini renovation for you! And we could do the work for it, cut out the contractors and save some money for you.

Paul: It sounds like a decent idea. I guess I have some things to think on then.
Jake: For sure Paul. Not many people get to live the American dream as a single. You’re one of the few.

Paul: I know, I was saving for a house. But when this came up for sale I jumped on it. It’s a real value. It may be an older home but it is still in mostly decent shape.

Jake: Yeah this is an exciting future you have. I’m proud to be a part of it.
The kitchen darkens and the curtain closes.

Scene 2
Curtain opens, the two men are working in the house in the bathroom.

Paul: You need that saw now Jake?

Jake: Not yet man, just hang in there. I need to fix this wiring. You want your new light right?

Paul: I guess that would help too. You want me to come up there and help?

Jake: No way ha! There’s barely enough room as is. I’ll be done in a couple moments.

Paul: Okay I hear you

Jake jumps down from the hole in the ceiling.

Jake: Alright, now where is that saw?

Paul hands Jake the saw, who begins to cut a piece of ceiling tile.

Paul: Do you want me to bring the light down from there?

Jake: Yeah I would. We’re going to put this tile up where that hole, is. We are going to bring your light and wires down as we affix the panel up there.

Paul: Alright I’m up. I’ve got the light

Jake: Excellent, I’m coming up the ladder now. If you can jump down and just extend the light through that round opening there.

Paul pulls the light and wires down as he pumps to the floor.

Jake: Cool man, all I have to do now is fix this panel here. One second and I’ll be done.

Paul: Do you need any help up there?”

Jake: Nah I’m just fitting the panel in now. It should interlock with the others here. I got the same kind you had before. So there should not be any problems here.

Paul nods as Jake continues fitting the panel.

Jake: It’s in man and your bathroom is now finished!

Paul: Here let me help you down.

Jake: Thanks Paul.

Paul: So I guess we can clean up now. What do you want to do now?

Jake laughs as he looks around.

Jake: Well enjoy your new bathroom first I guess! But after we clean up, how about we get some lunch?

Paul: Okay that sounds like a great plan Jake.

Jake: Cool, let’s get started.

Paul: I’ll get the vacuum.

Paul exits briefly and returns with a vacuum cleaner.

Jake: You know Paul; working with you is a lot of fun. We should try this more often.

Paul: Thanks man I enjoy it too. You’re my best friend.

Jake: I completely agree. Let’s get started.

The stage darkens as the curtain closes finishing the scene.


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